Transition Edinburgh University: Three Years of Action

The Transition Edinburgh University group came to an end after funding for the initiative’s staff ended in 2011.

I had the privilege of being one of those staff.  Many folk involved went on to do great things working for the University’s new Sustainability Office.  I left the university to work on other projects, but remain very proud of what we did at Edinburgh and as the TEU website is now offline, I wanted to link to some records of the project here for posterity.

To find our about what happened during Transition Edinburgh University’s three busy years (2009-11), have a look at the attached reports and look at the photo archive here:

Many of the voluntary projects supported by Transition Edinburgh University continued to flourish, including:

Transition’s work on campus sustainability, including energy saving, waste and transport, has gone from strength to strength in the new University Sustainability Office.

You can read more about their work and will also find helpful contacts for everything university and green.  You can also visit them on Facebook.  There’s still loads going on!


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