Oil, Coal and Resistance: a Scottish History

Beginning in 1741 this is a picture-book radical history of Scotland’s fossil fuel industry featuring strikes, sabotage, Hollywood movies, demolitions, occupations, life and death. Something to offer a bit of context, inspiration and hope.

Open the dedicated Oil, Coal and Resistance website to read the interactive version with videos, sound clips and links.

Lovely printed zines!

You can also download the zine as a printable PDF.

There are copies for sale at Lighthouse Books, Edinburgh, too.

I’ve also got 20 copies ready to post to you in pink, blue and white: to get your hands on one, donate £5 to the Unity Centre to support their vital work with refugees and asylum seekers, and forward the receipt to askriclander@gmail.com. I’ll get a zine posted to you in about a week.


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