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  • Fracking Stumbles Ahead onto Uncharted Paths

    Fracking Stumbles Ahead onto Uncharted Paths

    Rally against Fracking in Ohio, United States Ministerial Optimism sees Fracking Stumble Ahead onto Uncharted Paths In a letter regarding the controversial drilling process Sarah Boyack MSP says regarding the Scottish Government’s position “I am sure that you share my hope that the Minister’s optimism is well-placed” [1]. I do share Sarah’s hope, but optimism […]

  • Volunteers uncover £50 million from Oil, Arms and Big Pharma

    Volunteers uncover £50 million from Oil, Arms and Big Pharma

    People & Planet volunteers are starting to uncover the hidden connections between research and corporations at our Universities. Freedom of information requests sent to 17 universities shed light on £50.7 million of funding from the UK’s five biggest oil, weapons, and pharmaceutical companies. This includes research grants of £5.2 m from oil company BP and £2.7 m […]

  • Mass Action Disables UK’s 3rd Largest CO2 Emitter

    People & Planet members peacefully encircled Ratcliffe-on-Sour coal-fired power station in Nottinghamshire last weekend in a public attempt to shut down the site. Many members of the protest, known as “the Great Climate Swoop” [1], successfully removed sections of fence and entered the station, the 3rd largest source of CO2 in the UK. Sources are […]

  • G20: Our Record of Events

    18 March 2019. Some Indymedia content has started to dissapear from the web, so I have copied remaining sources into the body of the article. This is a collection of stories about the G20 actions on the 1st and 2nd of April created by Panda members.  Giving them a proper read if you can, as […]