Documentary Short: Torry: Lost to the Harbour?

I’m pleased to announce the completion of a new documentary short film ‘Torry: Lost to the Harbour?’ It premiered an event with the Friends of St. Fitticks Park at the Old Torry Community Centre on Saturday and is now available online.

Further reading

The film features the campaign to save St. Fittick’s Park, Torry, which is run by the Friends of St. Fittick’s Park. You can also follow them on Twitter.

If you’re planning to visit Torry you’ll find these walking guides published by the council of interest:

Climate Camp Scotland took place in Torry in 2022 and culminated in the protest featured in the film. You can read about what happened at the camp and download a ‘resource pack’ they produced from this page.

The story of Torry also appears in ‘Oil, Coal and Resistance A wee radical history of Scotland’s fossil fuel industry‘ and zine and website by Ric Lander (me!).

Source material

The film shows clips from two short films and a BBC series which you can watch in full:

Most of the archival photos are out of copyright and come from these excellent digital archives:

The film features paintings of Old Torry by Gordon McLeman and his website is well worth a visit.

I’m very grateful to those who lent me their drone footage. Check out original videos by Andrzej Dziuba and Natalie Hood.

Wildlife clips are by Torry Birds and Beasties, used with permission.

There are also photos from Climate Camp Scotland, available at the link.

Additional background audio in the film is from



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    Leslie Cunningham

    What an amazing film!

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