Preview Clip: Around St Fittick’s Kirk

This post is a preview of my completed film about Torry, available here.

St. Fittick’s Kirk, Torry, used to look out across a wide open beach: the Bay of Nigg. A popular bathing spot in the early 20th century in more recent years it was a haven for dog walkers and surfers.

Bay of Nigg by Vicky Mitchell
Surfers in 2016, John Dillon via
Bay of `Nigg in the 1930s, Aberdeen City archives

That was until the Scottish Government and Aberdeen City Council decided to concrete the bay over to further expand Aberdeen Harbour.

The Bay of Nigg has been sacrificed to industry. Now the planners want to destroy the local park behind it too.

St Fittick’s Kirk and the former Bay of Nigg, October 2022 from Vimeo.

If you turn up the sound you can still here birdsong competing valiantly with reversing cement mixers and unloading cranes.

St Fittick’s Park is worth saving but it needs national attention. This is Torry’s park but it’s being demolished with Scottish Government money.

👉 Find out more about the campaign to Save St. Fitticks Park at:

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